Wound care in South Africa always had a split personality! On the one hand there was the private sector who could afford anything. On the other hand there was the government sector who wanted everything but could not afford it!

This lead to the decision at MEDIS to develop affordable wound care systems which could be used by government clinics and hospitals throughout Africa.  It had to be based on sound scientific principles and it had to be cost-effective.  So, how to go about it?

MEDIS considers itself as a world leader in compression therapy and for good reason. On the issue of compression bandaging, MEDIS has for many years been a leader in South Africa . “Scientific Bandaging” refers to our approach of applying long stretch bandaging according to the La Place law and thereby according to a very specific sub-bandage pressure. All our long stretch bandages have been measured by the Dept Engineering, University of Stellenbosch.

When we began the development of ULCE-3, we literally decided to throw “conventional” out the back door and think “outside the box”.  We investigated old and new and made some startling discoveries.  The ULCE BOOT method of application is our invention and we believe has changed the art of bandaging forever. You will like our products: Simple, scientifically sound and cost-effective. Our products are based on common sense and experience.

We are still very much involved in patient care and research and therefore understand our products like no other company.


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